Best Futurist Movies of 2015

Last year was a good year for futurist movies. Now that a film festival has allowed me to see “No Men Beyond This Point,” I’ve seen all 16 of the futurist movies I’ve detected.

This is what I thought of them, in inscrutable graphic form:

Briefly, these ratings capture:

  • Futurism (blue) — how carefully was the future on screen constructed?
  • Plausibility (green) — how plausible is that version of the future events it depicts?
  • Storytelling (red) — how entertaining is it?

I judge these four the best:

  • Advantageous — This film ponders how far we might go in transforming ourselves, in this case using neurological technologies. In the background is a future that is all the more alarming by seeming ordinary.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road — A thoughtful vision of how a human society might evolve underlies this two-hour vehicle smash-em-up.
  • Ex Machina — This movie is an extended rumination on what a real Turing test might look like.
  • No Men Beyond This Point — Technically, this is an alternate present, but it amusingly and elaborately explores a post-male world.

Longer reviews of these movies’ futures are to come.

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