The Ratings

I give each movie three numerical rankings:

  • Futurism rating
  • Entertainment rating
  • Plausibility rating

These are combined to rank the best futurist movies.

Futurism rating
Is the movie a thoughtful, coherent view of the future? Does it present something innovative? Does it depict an elaborate scenario, an event, or a single variable? From 10 (superb) to 1 (abysmal). Plausibility is rated separately.

Movies ranked by futurism rating

Entertainment rating
How much I enjoy it, with 10 the highest. I make no claim that my response is typical.

Most entertaining futurist movies

Plausibility rating
How likely is it that this set of circumstances might arise? Sometimes, for instance with meteor impacts, the rating is based on how plausibly the response to an unlikely event is depicted.

10—perfectly plausible

Futurist movies ranked by plausibility

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The futures depicted in the movies